Pulmonary Associates, P.C. is a specialty Medicine Practice with a commitment to provide high quality personalized health care. Pulmonary Associates, P.C. provides many services for patients and their physicians, including consultation and management services in Critical Care Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine, Sleep Medicine, and Palliative Care Medicine. Complete pulmonary function testing and interpretation, spirometry, and Oxygen evaluation, including oxygen requirements for commercial plane flight, are just some of the many services provided by Pulmonary Associates. For a further description of our services, please click on the link on the left side or top of this page.

Our physicians are affiliated with McLaren Regional Medical Center, Flint, Michigan; Hurley Medical Center, Flint, Michigan; Select Specialty Hospital, Flint, Michigan; and are affiliated with Michigan State University School of Medicine. Our physicians are also teachers, and teach physicians training to be specialists in Internal Medicine and Family Practice, and also teach medical students in training to be the next generation of physicians.

Pulmonary Associates, P.C. has been serving the community for over 25 years. Providing the best care in ICU/Critical Care Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine, and Diagnosing and Treating Sleep disorders, Our physicians are Board - Certified in Pulmonary Medicine, Critical Care Medicine, and Sleep Medicine.